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OnSite Screening for COVID-19



About Us

A Certified On-Site Coronavirus Solutions Company Offering Screenings, Testing, Consulting and Products.

Founded by Alexis Nguyen, an executive with 32 years in healthcare with proven experience in leading companies with a long history of performing the same functions (and PPE) as required for Coronavirus testing.

We Are Certified & Nationwide

OnSite is a nationwide certified on-site Coronavirus employee screening company. We go to your business and screen your employees (and patrons) before they start working, keeping your business running and free from the spread of Coronavirus.


Extensive Healthcare Background

OnSite Screenings originated from the Coronavirus crisis but our stringent policies, practices and testing techniques share the cornerstone of our healthcare business. All of our screeners have healthcare backgrounds. We are headquartered in Tampa, FL.

Our team members are certified in Coronavirus infection control and PPE, trained on health and infection protocols, and are experienced health care professionals.

We Offer Comprehensive Solutions to Your Coronavirus Safety Concerns

OnSite Screenings is fully insured with policy limits in the millions.

  • Our medical personnel possess experience in caring for the sick and the disabled, as well as patients with dementia – all while practicing proper PPE protocols.
  • Expert management and oversight of countrywide provider network of medical personnel
  • Nationwide rollout
  • Swift ability to scale
  • Our existing technology allows for each person tested to be tracked, time-stamped and GPS located. This allows us to notify people who come in close proximity to someone who has failed our Coronavirus screening process.
  • We provide Coronavirus diagnostic testing via our Medical Director’s authorization.

OnSite’s mission is to keep businesses and their employees safe from the spread of COVID-19 disease.

Our customers include construction sites, airports, manufacturers, warehouses, distribution centers, plants, retail stores, grocery stores, schools, museums, and large offices where many people congregate.

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