Providing Contract Tracing and Cloud-Based Services

We deliver cutting-edge Coronavirus screening technology to make your workplace safe.

Our Coronavirus Screenings, Testing and Tracing Division allows us to notify people who come in close proximity to someone who has failed our Coronavirus screening process.

We provide Coronavirus diagnostic testing via our Medical Director’s authorization.

Our employees are trained in CPR and CDC Coronavirus protocols.



Contact Tracing

We work quickly to identify, assess, and manage people who have been exposed to Coronavirus to prevent additional transmission.


In addition to scanning and storing your unique barcode data, all scans are time-stamped in order to offer complete data collection for the most effective Coronavirus response.

Mobile & Cloud-Based

All of our data is accessible only by you in a cloud-based environment for immediate access while providing the highest levels of security to prevent any data breaches.

OnSite is a nationwide certified on-site Coronavirus employee screening company. We go to your business and screen your employees (and patrons) before they start working, keeping your business running and free from the spread of Coronavirus.

Ready to reopen your business safely?