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OnSite Screening for COVID-19



COVID-19 Test Kit


**Test kits not available for the states of Hawaii and Alaska. If you place an order with a shipping address in these locations, your order will not be processed.


  • Test Anywhere -Test for COVID conveniently wherever you may be. No need to make an appointment at a testing facility.
  • No Nasal Swabs – This test does not use nasal swabs! We use saliva/sputum samples to test for COVID.
  • Child Friendly – Test is for all ages (baby and up).
  • Approved For Travel – Our test kit meets global travel requirements for domestic and international travel so you can be prepared for your flight.
  • PCR Testing Method – Our lab uses PCR analysis which is the Gold Standard for Coronavirus testing.
  • Accurate Results – You can rest assured knowing that your test results will be accurate.
  • Fast Results – For expedited orders, results are returned within 24 hours from the time the sample arrives at the lab. (Eastern Time).

Guaranteed results within 24 hours of our lab receiving your test.

Sending in your Test Kit on a Friday? Make sure to check this box so that your test kit is processed on Saturday.


COVID-19 Test Kit Instructional Video

Contents of the COVID-19 Test Kit:

  1. Specimen Collection Box
  2. Specimen Collection Container
  3. Instructions
  4. Specimen Collection Bag
  5. Requisition Form
  6. FedEx Overnight Shipping Label

COVID-19 Test Kit Instructions:

1. Lay contents out on a flat surface. This includes the instructions, collection bag with
requisition form, and collection tube.
2. Locate Collection Bag. Unfold Requisition form, fill out client information and sign
bottom of form.
3. Fold Requisition Form and tuck back inside front pocket of Collection Bag.
4. Locate the Collection tube and write your name and date of birth on the outside.
5. Fill tube until your saliva (not including bubbles) is at or just above the wavy line.
6. Remove funnel from tube and discard. Screw on enclosed fluid cap TIGHTLY to
release the solution and seal the tube. You will know it works when the blue solution
from the cap is released into the tube and tube is completely sealed.
7. Shake tube for at least 5 seconds.
8. Place tube into large pocket of Collection Bag. Place sealed Collection Bag into Box
and close.
9. Place box into the provided FedEx envelope.
10. Keep track of the shipping Label number to track package to lab.
11. Drop off at any FedEx shipping center and wait for results.
*Please expect results within 48 hours of our lab receiving your test kit. For expedited
orders, results will be within 24 hours of our lab receiving your kit. (Eastern Time). Our
lab does not accept deliveries on Sundays – samples shipped on Saturdays will be
delivered on Mondays. RESULTS WILL BE EMAILED TO YOU

Instrucciones Del Kit De Prueba COVID-19

. Extienda el contenido sobre una superficie plana. Esto incluye las instrucciones, la bolsa de
recolección con el formulario de solicitud y el tubo de recolección.
2. Localice la bolsa recolectora. Despliegue el formulario de Solicitud, complete la información del
cliente y firme la parte inferior del formulario.
3. Doble el formulario de solicitud y colóquelo dentro del bolsillo delantero de la bolsa de
4. Ubique el tubo de recolección y escriba su nombre y fecha de nacimiento en el exterior.
5. Llene el tubo hasta que su saliva (sin incluir las burbujas) esté en la línea ondulada o justo por
encima de ella.
6. Retire el embudo del tubo y deséchelo. Enrosque FIRMEMENTE la tapa de fluido adjunta para
liberar la solución y sellar el tubo. Sabrá que funciona cuando la solución azul de la tapa se libere
en el tubo y el tubo esté completamente sellado.
7. Agite el tubo durante al menos 5 segundos.
8. Coloque el tubo en el bolsillo grande de la bolsa recolectora. Coloque la bolsa de recolección
sellada en la caja y ciérrela.
9. Coloque la caja en el sobre de FedEx proporcionado.
10. Lleve un registro del número de etiqueta de envío para rastrear el paquete hasta el laboratorio.
11. Déjelo en cualquier centro de envío de FedEx y espere los resultados.
* Espere resultados dentro de las 48 horas posteriores a la recepción de su kit de prueba por parte
de nuestro laboratorio. Para pedidos acelerados, los resultados estarán dentro de las 24 horas
posteriores a la recepción de su kit por parte de nuestro laboratorio. (Hora del este). Nuestro
laboratorio no acepta entregas los domingos; las muestras enviadas el sábado se entregarán el