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VaxUp COVID-19 vaccine registration system

COVID-19 Vaccine Registration System

From our experience of rolling out multiple turn-key vaccination sites, OnSite Safe has built VaxUp on an existing registration platform that’s in production at 28 public charter schools nationwide. We repurposed the system to serve the needs of our citizens in this time of need. The vaccination registration system will collect eligibility, demographics, medical, insurance information and vaccination information to meet individual state, county and city requirements.

The system is designed to handle eligibility filtering per executive orders, “queue” the eligibles, and scaled to handle peak usage times. The system manages first/second dose and is barcode-driven for fast check-ins and enables us to report as needed per State, County, and City requirements. Acting like an EMR, it is customizable to interface with each state’s immunization system and to meet state-specific requirements. VaxUp is integrated with an appointment system connected to barcodes to make check-in simple and quick. The registration system is friendly and easy to use for all ages, and is accessible 24/7.

  • Screen eligibility based on Governor’s Executive Orders
  • Queue those who are eligible when vaccines are available
  • Customizable to meet state, county and city requirements
  • Team is responsive and work with a sense of urgency
  • Barcoded for easy check-in to appointments
  • Appointments are set for first dose and second dose
  • Interfaces with state’s immunization system
  • Canned and customizable reporting system
  • Automatic scaling to handle high peak usage times
  • Appointment reminders via email and texting
  • Accessible 24/7

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